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New Money…Same Problems

Canada is coming out with new money its thinner, brighter, and crafted from a single sheet of alu-minium…oh wait wrong product :) Canada has created some new bills to protect itself from counterfeiting and fraud. Whenever a country does this I think to myself how much harder people are going to go trying to find out ways to continue to do illegal things. I’m not advocating their actions but last year I applied for an internship with an application security firm and one thing I realized was that every person there was a highly paid (and ridiculously over educated) hacker. These people are paid to find the insecurities in applications and software. This is no different from the counterfeiting and bootlegging that happens everyday to undercut “The Man”. This entity the larger it is the more subjected to copyright violations it is. For example Apple products are  so vastly copied throughout the tech markets that it would go from an electronics company to a law firm if it tried to go after to everyone that was copying its designs. What is funny is that sometimes it doesn’t even matter to the average consumer that Apple tends to be a step behind in components (hardware) but always a step ahead in aesthetics. To many this new Canadian money will just look like some shinny plastic (throwback to trading card games…ahh childhood) but it is a step in the right direction in trying to protect against counterfeiting. But I can’t help but to think that there is someone out there trying to recreate this new technology undetected.

I hope to get some money soon I dont even mind if its plastic…at least it won’t fray away in the wash (what does bleach do to plastic money?) Anyway, thanks for reading I hope you all are liking the content so far…plenty more to come.

As money rolls in slow, ill pick up the pennies of wisdom as I go…

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