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Programmable Matter

Go Go Gadget Snooze Button! Good morning people, I slept almost ten yours straight and am in that weird state where I im so fully rested, I have become tired again (counter productive productivity).

Anyway these guys at MIT designed a motor to drive small independent objects that can drive the motions of an entire unit, allowing for basic shape making on a small scale.  This is pretty cool stuff, at school I used to work at an electro-optics lab where one of the main goals was fabricating materials that responded to electricity allowing for the storage of potential data on a light sensitive film of composite materials. Its a cool concept, but due to my impatience and the small space (I’m 6’3  almost 6’4…a brother needs so breathing room when in his green onezie and goggles)  I eventually left the lab to do my own robotics projects (dont worry avid readers I’ll be sharing those in the near future :) So the idea of making things smaller and faster and usable is very much the trend of the electronics industry now a day.

A few days ago I went in for an interview with a major corporation for an engineering rotational program and one of the “technical questions” that I was asked was where do I see technology going in the next 5 years? Well the real question is what truly new technology will come about to change the landscape of the trend we have been following for the past twenty years. A concept called Moores Law necessitates this change in technology in order for the marketplace of technology to change.


This is an example of Moores Law at work at the beginning of the invention of a new technology things progress rapidly, the success of the technology appears to be endless further pushing the bounds that were set up before it. But through the middle of the technology’s life span we see a slow down where the changes are almost periodic in a way. And lastly (and this is the stage we are in currently) you have huge “innovation” pushing the upper limits of what can physically be crafted by the technology. This decaying exponential is funny because as we reach this leveling off point its exciting to see what will come out of a high schoolers garage, or a major corporation’s R and D team, or even some new material that was found at six flags that seems to be the fusing of saliva and steel and it can be reprogrammed into the fastest hard drive imaginable (physically impossible but fun to think about none the less). The whole idea is that we are not sure of what will be the next technology but as someone of tries to keep up to date on tech hardware and programming I can say that we are pushing things to amazing limits that are bound by the laws of nature.

So next time you are picking up your phone to text or when you take that morning shower to wipe away the eye crusts (don’t lie eye crusts suck!) realize that there is a nerd some where who is sweating in a lab trying his best to make that next phone run off of your voice waves or have an shower head that can soothe the eye crusts away while providing enough water pressure to clean your body. At any rate I hope you can question more often because asking how does this thing work can be the most innovative thing you have done in a while.

As the robots of the future continue to grow, I’ll try to absorb some wisdom as I go…

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