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A Verse for the Days…

Sorry for the long delay im about to enter finals week and things have been crazy and I havent been able to post as often as I would like. Here is a verse that I wrote a while ago it captures some interesting observations. Enjoy!

Let there be a rose, for every froze, rose gold drapped and shaped, for misaligned priorities left society gapped, slapped, and stuttered, every verse I uttered, spit game whenever you muttered, people cold as ever when there hearts fall fluttered, flow with purpose grown nourishment, if your job don’t pay the bills then nourish it, back handed compliments, fake smiles and made up styles, the track rolls cyclic but they convince you it goes on for miles, piles of unattended files, while the youth get splashed with the worst like bathroom tiles, we look beyond our gate, to mitigate and resolve when there are problems within bounds, grounds that we paved, but we never second guess, never check the balances we connect, its only more money more problems when the money propogate more mal-effect, Lemmie ask if I’m correct, blame the economy, the gov, or a sect, cause assuming responsibility is always harder then you expect.


Wisdom as I flow…leads to wisdom as I go…

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Winter Days in Industrial Ways

After a long day at work and at the gym here are a few lines….

Although the content dont pay rent,

Ive spent more on developing lines that dont make a cent,

But I dont resent the time cause whenever I look down it says clark kent,

As the week begins in the same old way,

Articles on particles, the say old day,

Winter in the city is over cast and grey,

With gusts of wind ready to blow off a toupee,

I’d say, if I caught a break then things would go my way,

But all in all Im a bit exhausted,

For my eyes to close I need to defrost it,

Im getting so tired, time to turn off the light,

But wisdom does not die even at night.


Have a lovely evening and enjoy a picture I got the chance to take today :)


Winter light is hard to show, but ill look harder for the wisdom as I go…

Beauty can be found in the most industrial of locations

Beauty can be found in the most industrial of locations


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Joy of Writing

Its funny how I feel like there are a million things that I could talk about right now, but I am stuck in that awkward phase where I dont know what my first post should be made of, or what it should be about. Any idea that comes to my mind (discussing motorcycles, or school projects, or interviews, or human feelings) all seem to pushy as to the direction to which this blog should be taken. Perhaps the best thing to post right now should be that I am relieved in a way to have started this.

In a sort of way writing has always been an outlet for me. I didn’t realize it until I was about thirteen it was a very interesting time in a kids life moving from middle school to high school a transition that seems very daunting and emotional at the same time. But it was also a time where the emotionally stressed (over dramatic teenager in me) needed an outlet of some sort. At the time I started writing rhymes (eventually became a hiphop head in high school, but thats another story and one of many phases I grew out of). I picked up a composition notebook and begun to write, as the words began to flow and I began to fill up the first page I realized that there was a betterment that came with writing. It wasn’t like I was writing a Shakespearean sonnet, it was probably some trashy spin off of a rap battle playing in my head, but still it was something creative enough that I decided to put on paper.

I took creative writing and some honors courses in high school to try to expand my skill set and it helped for the most part. But what I noticed most is that I was driven to write whenever I had extremes in emotion (excited for the summer to come, worried about an exam, angry over a fight) simple high school stuff that eventually developed into more complex college stuff and finally the catalyst for this blog my transition into the real world.

Im about to start my last semester of college while working as an engineer part time and the realities of starting a real life are beginning to show up and has pushed me to start writing again. Maybe its the end of the semester stress, on top of relationship jumbles, work, and trying to go the gym as much as possible that has forced my hand into this creative melting pot we call the interwebs, but at any rate, I’m liking it.

Creativity is a powerful stream of thought that is a burden to waste by not recording it in some way. I suppose that is why the internet, social networking, and the need to share has become so mainstream and a part of our day to day lives. Its a blessing and a curse as the value of what you publicize had the ability to either benefit you spiritually or cripple you to the point where your remarks are pooled into the jumble of bathroom usage updates that make up the majority of twitter feeds and facebook walls (toyolet tweets lol).

To whomever read this I hope you enjoyed my first real post, I hope you comment or share it, or just enjoy it enough to experiment with writing or starting something new.

As the night hours cycle slow, I try to observe the wisdom as I go.


…How I feel getting back into the writing swing of things :)

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Serial.print(“Hello World!”) //Prints Hello World to Terminal :)

So why did I start a blog, I can’t possibly have that much to say. I felt that I’ve come to an interesting time in my life. Almost 21 years have passed and there seems to be an endless sea of things that have happened to me. At the same time there are worlds of experiences I have yet to be a part of. An integration of thought and analysis is what I wish to share here. The fun, boring, exciting, miserable, rushed, slow, forced, patient, loving, hating, ways of life are worth documenting and what better way to start that documentation then with an outlet as appropriate and vast reaching as the internet. And with that welcome to my blog where I will try to uncover some of the joys and lessons of life. Enjoy!

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