Innocence of Children

On way to the locker room at my gym I was taking the elevator (…i realize the irony) and there was an old man on the elevator that seemed deep in thought with a pseudo-frown on. As I was head banging to an old R and B song a little girl no older then the age of three walks on with her mother. She was fiddling with her mothers iFone and sliding through pictures of sailboats, and for some strange reason when I looked at the old man his train of thought seemed interrupted by this little girl and her commentary of the sailboats. Her incoherent sentences and cute voice made me smile and when I looked over to the old man he too was smiling. It is amazing what the uncaring, unfiltered actions of a little girl can be like. We are constantly filtering ourselves, whether it is how we should behave in public or what we should or shouldn’t say to people. I miss the freedom of childhood, in the sense that when I want to sleep, I just do it, if I want to eat, I complain until I’m fed. If I did that now I would get fired from work and my parents would likely kick me out of the house (“I WANT BROKOLY AND GRAPE JUICE!!!!”)

The elevator began to feel like an illustration of the different stages of life, the little girl, me, the parent, and the old man. It dawned upon me that it is a beautiful thing the way we grow to maturity and we age after that peak. To think that one day I was that small and that there is the possibility of me having a child one day. We take for granted our age, when you are young you just want to be old and when old, Ive been told that many strive for youth. I think that things have become so complicated in my life personally that I don’t give it much thought. But now that I’m setting time aside to consider what it is I really want to do with my life I realize that I’m grateful to have lived the years I have and I’m content with my current age and am looking forward to what is ahead. Digging to be satisfied with what you have I think is a link to finding what it is that makes you happy.

The elevator doors open slow, so I hang on to the wisdom as I go…

:) Irrelevant but funny

:) Irrelevant but funny

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